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The Sexy Way To Wear Your Art
When you bring flower to a situation, you have….cannacity.

When you bring flower to a situation, you have….cannacity.


It all started when…

Traveling around the world, dropping into headshops and dispensaries throughout the globe, we found one thing in common. If we wanted to bring home a graphic Tshirt, the only images you could choose from were plus signs and pot leaves, an image of Bob Marley or Marilyn Monroe smoking. Most importantly, none of these shirts were ever made of hemp. How could that be?

Solution? Start our own super cool fashion Tshirt line made from hemp. With love and passion we gathered all our favorite celebrity photographers, artists, animators, vector artists, cartoonists and graffiti fanatics and asked all of them to do the same thing: create original images of sexy women smoking. And viola! Cannacity’s first line ‘She’s Smokin’ was born.

To keep up to date on everything as we launch, and be the first to have access to these cool tees, please sign up for our mailing list. At Cannacity brand incubation soirees throughout Spring & Summer 2019, we’ll be choosing the exact hemp material that will be used to build our lines and with the help of influencers, opinion makers, and fashionistas nationwide we should be ready to launch by 11/10/2019. If you’d like to participate, follow us on instagram @the_cannacity and look for your chance to win tickets to one of our Welcome To Cannacity launchpad events.

We hope you fall in love with our artistic collaborations and share these creations with all of your friends on your favorite social media sites. We’ll see you on the catwalk!

COMING summer 2019

Our first dream line of images, a collaboration with our favorite Getty Images Contributor Photographer Michael Bezjian, was shot entirely at TAP Studios in Los Angeles. We’re calling this one SHE’S SMOKIN’.


(Video Credit: Reko Moreno, Models: Jennifer Tapiero & Jacky Reyes)

coming summer 2019


she’s smokin is a high-end hemp streetwear brand founded in 2019.